I am a free spirit eternally longing to feel the sun on my skin and salt air in my lungs, beachy waves adorning my hair as I embrace white sand and shimmering sea.

As a small child, the beach was nearly in my backyard and I ran to it every chance I got, making it my playground. Climbing between the rocks of the jetty while peering into the ocean shaped a part of me that will never change. I will always be that kid, sunburned and barefoot with stubbed toes, blonde streaks providing a stark contrast against red hair transformed by the sun.

Even as life took me down different roads, moving away from my beloved saltwater life, I knew the sea would make it’s way back to me and I to it. Fortune smiled upon me and in time I found myself with my toes in the Gulf of Mexico. It was love at first dip, to say the least, and away from my nautical paradise I will not stray.

The water feeds and fuels my soul; my heart beats to it’s ebb and flow. The feelings of joy and happiness I know when the waves lap my toes I will never let go. All of this combined makes me, in summary, the beach hippie.

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